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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Timsanity Part 2?

Hey Folks, Rich here from the Brian and Rich Show.....and I want to get something off my chest

As a Broncos fan, watching my team draft Tim Tebow was painful to say the least. Watching him play last year... even more so. Granted I enjoyed the fact he helped the team to their first playoff appearance since the 2005 season, I am one of the few who apparently noticed that was aided by great defense and a clutch kicker in Matt Prater. 

Therefore, when I heard that Peyton Manning was going to be signing with the Broncos for the upcoming season I almost jumped out of the seat I was sitting in from excitement. Then a few days later when I heard Tebow would be traded to the Jets, all I could do was shake my head and laugh. I'm still not sold on Tebow being a full time quarterback.

Not only are the Jets taking a step backwards, having just signed Drew Stanton to a deal to be the back up, but they have become the laughing stock of the entire NFL. 

Based off of last season, if Mark Sanchez will not hold onto the starting spot very long if Tebow is able to come in a show some hop to the Jets' offense. In fact, I give it less than half the season before the entire Jets fan base jumps on the Tebow wagon and calls for the head of Sanchez on a stake just like the did to Orton in Denver. 

Which means unfortunately all I can say for now is... Here we go again....

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