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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Manning Makes it Official

So Peyton Manning is now a Bronco...which my partner Rich is not complaining one bit.  Manning is a sure hall-of-famer, but even by his own admission he's not 100 percent.  He says he could play on Sunday, but the only thing that worries me about a quarterback I have grown to love is what if he takes one good shot in the head.  Nothing will be answered until that first live snap in a live regular season game.  And we say regular season because we all know there is no way he takes more than five or ten snaps during the preseason.  All of his work will come in practices and in non-contact.  Which I don't blame the Broncos for doing because if this is to be your prized possession and lead you to the promised land, then you need to take care of it.  Something the Bears need to learn how to do for all you Bear fans.

As for my team, the 49ers, Alex Smith, as far as I know and as this goes to press has been signed to a deal.  Which is good.  Let him continue to work with Jim Harbaugh and the fact that Alex gets Randy Moss as a new toy doesn't hurt either.  There will be doubters of Moss as there has been over his entire 15-year career.  I say bring it on.  Moss still has it and I can't wait for him and the 49ers to prove it.  Moss has made one Super Bowl and he has another in him this year in SF.  Even Jerry Rice endorsed the deal.  Now that's something being endorsed by the greatest receiver of all time.

That's all for now.  More later!  We're back at it Monday night from Robertsdale LL in Hammond!!

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