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Monday, September 24, 2012

2 games that will forever scream change

Brett here,

You hear a lot of people say this: "Don't let the refs decide the game".  Well, in a matter of really two straight games, we have seen this.  First off, we see the refs make some big, yet controversial calls in the Patriots-Ravens Sunday night game that even had Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth question not only the calls, but the entire replacement ref staff. Now fast forward to this past Monday evening where we see the Packers-Seahawks game come down to the refs' decision.  Trailing with just seconds left, we see Russell Wilson make one final heave from about the Packer's 40 yard line toward the endzone in hope that someone on his team will come down with the ball and give the Seahawks the miracle victory late Monday night.  Well, he got his catch, or was it a catch?  We see Seahawks receiver  Golden Tate blatantly push away a Packers defender, but no Offensive Interference is called.  We then see Packers' corner M.D. Jennings (in my opinion) clearly have possession of the ball for the game-ending interception.  However, Tate was somewhat able to get his fingertips on the ball as he is falling down and they both fall to the ground with their hands on the ball (Jennings with it more-so on his chest).  The refs look at each other, one says interception and the other says touchdown.  The ruling on the field is a touchdown, Seahawks win.  However, they do take it to the replay booth where you would think, "okay, at least they will get the call right."  So here I am, ruling on the field about to be announced, and you can just hear a pin drop in what is probably the loudest NFL Stadium in the league.  "The ruling on the field stands, touchdown."  A sentence that seems to be said once a game, will now go down in infamy in this game.  Somehow, Tate either had a better possession, or had a simultaneous possession.  Seahawks manage to win this game, but at what cost?  We all knew the replacement refs wouldn't be as good as the regular ones, but not this bad.  In a matter of just two games, the entire football world is in an agreement.  This NFL refs lockout needs to end.

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